A few updates and messages

Update July & August 2020: Reopening During Coronavirus (COVID-19): 


The Parish Church of
St Augustine Kilburn


On Sundays for 


8:00 am Mass
10:30 am Solemn Mass

With organ and cantor – no singing


Covid19 and mass: 


All standard health guidance applies plus extra. So:​​

During the Sunday Mass:

Mass is conducted with organ and cantor – no singing

Your temperature will be remotely taken before entering the church.

If your temperature is outside normal range you will be asked to return home

and contact 111 immediately.

Upon your entrance through Main Doors to the Church 

Use the hand sanitiser

After sanitising your hands, gloves will be provided for you to wear for the duration of your visit.


No Holy Water

Please only sit in designated 2 m spaced seats 

– couples and family groups please sit together 
using the seats immediately adjoining the labelled seat.


You are required to wear a face covering throughout unless exempt (from Sunday 9th August).

No offertory collection so please leave your offering on the plate

at the back of church as you enter or on this website. We have digital contactless solutions too.

No congregational singing but organ and soloist as permitted.


Peace is exchanged verbally.


Wafers placed in ciborium over 72 hours ago under protection.


Please use green label space markers as you come for Communion –

EVERYBODY to queue on right hand side and to leave after

Communion through left hand gate to ambulatory – please be

guided by the Communion Guides.


Fr. Amos will bring Communion to those in front seats as usual.


No Chalice.


The toilets are closed.

NO moving around during mass (except for Communion)

No refreshments.

Observe social distancing within this large church

Individual service sheets – Print your own Newsletter & Sunday Sheet at home for Mass.

If you use one available at the church, please take it with you home after Mass
or dispose of it in the bin, available by the church exit. 

Remember your distancing as you leave – Thank you.

We hope these precautions will add to the assurance of our care for you.


The Church of St Augustine Kilburn is now reopen for Sunday mass.

As you read this

Make your prayers:

Grant, we beseech you, merciful Lord, help and deliverance at this time when we are visited by great sickness and mortality.

Sanctify to us our distress and prosper with your continual blessing all who labour during this present emergency to tend the sick, calm the fearful, protect the weak, and serve the common good.

This we ask through him who on his Cross both healed and hallowed pain, your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

COVID-19  Reopening


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