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The Duke of Edinburgh

1921 - 2021


COVID - 19

During (Tier 4 & Lockdown) 2021

The Parish Church of St Augustine Kilburn


Mondays 12 noon Mass*

Tuesdays 8am Mass*

Wednesdays 12 noon Mass*

Thursdays 10am Mass*

Fridays 6pm Evening Mass*

Sundays 8am Mass*

Sundays 10.30am Solemn Mass*

Other times as advertised*


Saturdays 9am - 3pm*

All standard health guidance applies plus extra. So:

During the Sunday Mass times and any other Services or Events:​

  • Your temperature will be remotely taken before entering the church. If your temperature is outside normal range you will be asked to return home and contact 111 immediately.

  • Upon your entrance through Main Doors to the Church use the hand sanitiser

  • After sanitising your hands, gloves will be provided for you to wear for the duration of your visit.

  • No Holy Water

  • Please only sit in designated 2-4 m spaced seats

  • You are required to wear a face covering throughout unless specifically exempt from it.

  • No offertory collection so please leave your offering or donations on the plate at the back of church as you enter or on the website. We have contactless digital solutions too.

  • No congregational singing but organ and soloist permitted.

  • Peace is exchanged verbally.

  • Wafers placed in ciborium over 72 hours ago under protection.

  • Please use green label space markers as you come for Communion 

  • No Chalice.

  • The toilets are closed.

  • No moving around during mass (except for Communion)

  • Individual service sheets – If you use one available at the church, please take it with you home after Mass.

  • The toilets are closed.

  • No refreshments.

  • Observe social distancing within this large church

  • We offer contactless donation solutions too

  • Remember your distancing as you leave – Thank you.

We hope these precautions will add to the assurance of our care for you.

As you read this

Make your prayers:

Grant, we beseech you, merciful Lord, help and deliverance at this time when we are visited by great sickness and mortality.

Sanctify to us our distress and prosper with your continual blessing all who labour during this present emergency to tend the sick, calm the fearful, protect the weak, and serve the common good.

This we ask through him who on his Cross both healed and hallowed pain, your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Holy Wednesday: In the evening - a pre-recorded service of Tenebrae at St Augustine’s Kilburn with Bishop Jonathan will be available to watch from 9pm and days following.

For the complete Holy week & Easter services and opening hours, please visit our calendar

The Fulham Holy Week Festival

Church musicians launch inaugural Fulham Holy Week Festival of Music and Liturgy


A trio of Church musicians, working with their clergy and the Bishop of Fulham, in the Diocese of London  have organised the inaugural Fulham Holy Week Festival- an online offering  of Music and Liturgy to provide devotional music for Holy Week and Easter.

Set in some of London's most iconic Anglo-Catholic buildings, the Fulham Holy Week Festival  is bringing together church musicians from across the See of Fulham to provide concerts and liturgies that would otherwise be lacking this year owing to the current restrictions on singers and live performance.


The week-long festival will allow audiences to join concerts, services and recitals from the comfort of their own homes. 


Dan Turner, Director of Music at St Augustine’s Kilburn, said: 


“We have all greatly missed singing in churches this past year, not least the hymns and sacred choral works for Holy Week and Easter.  I’m delighted that the new Holy Week Festival will provide an opportunity for so many immensely talented musicians to perform and share their work. My co-directors and I are incredibly grateful to our team of film and sound crew, who are all volunteers and have learned on the job. Every penny we raised has gone to paying singers and organists who have been amongst the hardest hit by COVID-19 and for whom the lockdown still has a long way to go before any sign of lifting”. 


“We filmed in five churches in London and it’s been a bigger success than we could have imagined. One of the bonuses of holding the festival virtually is that we are attracting much larger audiences to the fantastic tradition of excellence in music and liturgy that London boasts than would have been possible if it were held in person, and people are joining from all over the world.”


James Day, Choirmaster of St Gabriel’s, Pimlico and Artistic Director of Pimlico Musical Foundation comments:


“We have ambitious but deliverable plans to widen the access to this fabulous repertoire of sacred music and art by including some of the children we work with and have begun to teach them choruses and hymns in preparation for next year’s festival. Our choristers are excited at the prospect of broadcasting on YouTube and other platforms. So much of Covid has been bleak but at least this venture has shown us a way of sharing these masterpieces with the next generation.”


The week begins with the ancient service of Compline. This ancient office of the Church has a beautiful, meditative rhythm and is chanted here by the Schola Cantorum of St Matthew's, Kensington Olympia. 


Later in the week St Augustine's Voices and the Bishop of Fulham present a version of Tenebrae (meaning darkness or shadows), a service traditionally held after dark in the final days of Holy Week.


Characterised by the gradual extinguishing of candles and the 'strepitus' (or loud noise symbolising the earthquake at the time of the crucifixion and resurrection alongside the cosmic battle between Jesus and the Devil), this dramatic liturgy drives home the powerful Christian symbolism of darkness and light. 


Dan Turner, Director of Music at St Augustine’s Kilburn, says of Tenebrae and the festival as a whole:

“During the pandemic we have become used to words like isolation, vulnerability and loneliness but in the context of Holy Week and Jesus’ loneliness and abandonment as he walks towards the Cross, it’s going to be so very interesting to explore these themes afresh. More especially in 2021, music and liturgy can hold and express the tension of suffering and hope as we continue to experience difficulties but look to the vaccine and an end of lockdowns.”


On Good Friday St Gabriel’s Pimlico presents Stainer’s Crucifixion which began life at another London church – St Marylebone. It features well known and much loved hymns which viewers are encouraged to join in with. 


The inaugural Holy Week Festival is brought to a close with The Erebus Ensemble and a reflective programme featuring Jean Richafort's sublime Requiem (500 years old this year) and Sir James MacMillan's thrilling setting of psalm 51, Miserere mei Deus.



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