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The Parish Church of St Augustine Kilburn


No midweek masses over the summer period, the anticipated pattern from 1st September is:

The Church is opened approx. 30 minutes for each service and generally remains open 10 minutes afterwards.

The Church is usually open for visitors Saturdays 9.15am - 3pm


Further visiting times are expected to be restored from September depending on volunteers and Covid-19 observations.

Mondays 12 noon Mass*

Tuesdays 8am Mass*

Wednesdays 12 noon Mass*

Thursdays 10am Mass*

Fridays 6pm Evening Mass*

Sundays 8am Mass*

Sundays 10.30am Solemn Mass*

Other times as advertised*


Saturdays 9am - 3pm*

As England comes out of lockdown certain health precaution will remain in place as individuals wish:

During the Sunday Mass times and any other Services or Events:​

  • Voluntary temperature will be remotely taken before entering the church

  • Recommended NHS Covid App Q code / Track & Trace upon entry

  • Upon your entrance through Main Doors to the Church recommended to use the hand sanitiser

  • Please wear a preferrred face covering over mouth and nose throughout and when singing.

  • No offertory collection so please leave your offering or donations on the plate at the back of church as you enter. We have contactless digital solutions too.

  • Peace is exchanged verbally.

  • Wafers placed in ciborium over 72 hours ago under protection.

  • No moving around during mass (except for Communion)

  • We offer contactless donation solutions

We hope these extra precautions will add to the assurance of our care for you.

As you read this

Make your prayers:

Grant, we beseech you, merciful Lord, help and deliverance at this time when we are visited by great sickness and mortality.

Sanctify to us our distress and prosper with your continual blessing all who labour during this present emergency to tend the sick, calm the fearful, protect the weak, and serve the common good.

This we ask through him who on his Cross both healed and hallowed pain, your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.



Please see Christopher or Daniel to assist in preparing, serving and clearing refreshments for coming weeks.


Sunday School

Sunday School IS BACK 

– please see Hazel or Fr. Amos to offer your assistance in order to form a rota.

The Organ Collecting Boxes April - June raised £934.70

Many thanks to all who returned boxes during this period. Please continue to use yours or collect one to support this project.


NEW - Flooding Updates

In addition to the organ work sanitising of the basement has now concluded.

Quotations are now awaited for parish Room carpet.


Heating engineers have now quoted and awaiting acceptance by insurance with view to replacing asap and certainly before heating is needed if at all possible.


Finances – as announced we have the excess and a proportion of costs to pay, the precise sums are to be determined.

We have £500 donated from outside the parish

plus £1,210.00 from parishioners - thank you to these donors.

Please provide your donation towards the same by giving it to Fr Amos, Christopher, Daniel or Lawrence. Thank you.

ALL Purchases – as well as donations

– can now be made by contactless payment using your bank cards, or mobiles (Apple Pay, Google Pay) just as in the shops.

150th Anniversary Souvenir Pens

– available at just £1 each.

In aid of the Organ Fund.


– Books, DVDs, CDs please bring any unwanted ones to church or drop off at the Vicarage. Re-sold in aid of the Organ Fund.


Please provide your donation towards the same by giving it to Fr Amos, Christopher, Daniel or Lawrence. Thank you.

For Your Diary:

26th September 10.30am Harvest Thanksgiving with The Cavendish Choir

  • 10.30am Solemn Mass

  • 4.30pm Solemn Evensong



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